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Woodside flags LNG options for E Timor

Posted Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:00am AEDT
Woodside is considering either Darwin or a floating platform for an LNG plant. (AAP: Kerry Edwards/Pool/The West Australian)
The head of resources giant Woodside says there could be opportunities for East Timor to capitalise on gas developments in the Sunrise field if the company goes ahead with a floating gas processing plant.
Woodside is considering either Darwin or a floating platform for an LNG plant to process gas from the field between Australia and East Timor.
East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta has intensified calls in recent weeks for a plant to be built in East Timor, despite Woodside ruling it out earlier this year.
Woodside chief executive Don Voelte says the company is now assessing the options.
"There isn't in my mind any reason why Timor Leste can't have a lot of participation, employment, training, food stuffs, helicopter ports etc, during the operation of the offshore facility," he said.
"But at this point we haven't even started negotiations."

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Anónimo disse...


We want the pipe in Timor, full Stop!!!!

Dont try to alliciate us with some lollies while you try to steal our pie.


Gaseduto para TIMOR e mais nada!!!

O governo timorense nao e' parvo para cair nestas brincadeiras de criancas. Os gajos querem tentar distrair-nos com rebucados enquanto roubam-nos o bolo inteiro.

Isso e' que era bom!! Ou levam o gaseduto para Timor ou entao cancela-se toda a exploracao.