domingo, 8 de abril de 2007

Alfredo Reinado atended church services this morning, East ter Sunday, and last Friday in Dili, East Timor capital

Major Alfredo Reinado attended Sunday Easter mass this morning in Dili in full view of the population. He atended also last Friday viasacre in Dili together with his man while Australian Army and Portuguese GNR havily armed, where just a few meters from the church he was in, directing traffic.

In Same the civilian population continues to suffer harassment and abuses from Australian army looking for Alfredo. Many civilians have being illegally detained and put in jail and tortured for many days.

Some of the Torture method used by Australian army in Same includes: Sleeping on cold floor, deprivation of sleep and food, earplug ins, blind folded, intimidation with prison and deprivation from family visits, false acusations, etc....

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