quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2007

5 Members Of Alfredo Died

ISF has reportedly found one more dead body of Alfredo’s group in Same on
Tuesday (06/3) raising the number to five people killed during Sunday’s
operation to apprehend Reinado on Sunday (4/3) morning. According to Timor
Post, ISF Spokesperson reportedly said via mobile phone in Dili that the
dead body has been identified as one of Alfredo’s member killed during the
operation based upon the authorities of Timor-Leste. He underlined that no
ISF soldiers were wounded during the operation contrary to reports by some
local media.

In the meantime, Antonio Caleres Junior, the Director of the National
Hospital said that all the dead bodies have been autopsied and are waiting
identification from the families. The five people killed are: Calistro
Tilman, Deolindo Barros, Henrique Marques, Natalino Fereira alias Meta
Kiak, and Quintao Tilman. (TP)

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