quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2007


A man arrested in Same by Australian troops was asked to go find Alfredo or get 6 years jail
Manufahi-Timor Leste
21 March 2007 Dili
A man arrested last Sunday in Same by Australian troops , was taken this morning by helicopter to Dili and abandoned on the streets after forcing him to sign some documents.
The man told Manufai-Timor Leste that he was very scare of the soldiers and he just did what they wanted.
He also told Manufai-Timor Leste they wanted him to go to the jungle and bring them Alfredo, Isak and others he can not remember their names. They also wanted him to find firearms they are looking for.
He continued to tell Manufai-Timor Leste that while with them he was blind folded, handcuffed and driven around Same looking for Alfredo and his man. "They kept telling me they were going to jail me for 6 years unless I bring them Alfredo. I tough they were going to kill me"
he said.

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