segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2007

Fugitive Reinado slams 'corrupt' international judges

East Timor's rebel leader Alfredo Reinado is demanding the removal of international judges before he hands himself over to police.

Reinado has been on the run with a group of armed supporters since he escaped from Dili's jail more than a year ago.

He still faces a murder charge over his role in last year's violent crisis.

The rebel leader has told Radio National's Background Briefing program he will not surrender while East Timor's court system is corrupted by judges and lawyers from other countries.

"Those countries come here, the Portuguese speaking countries, mostly Angola, Mozambique, Brazilian, and Portuguese," he said.

"All those poor Africans that until now they still kill each other, they have their dictator system. And you have Portugal, they think they are somebody, but they're the poorest country in Europe."

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